Meet Gideon Padi Konotey, the brain behind Goat Masters Company Limited; your number one option for all goat meat products.

Goat Masters is an agribusiness firm focused on value addition to goat meat with special focus on the value chain ranging from; rearing, butchering, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution of livestock into various consumables.

“I inherited some goats from my grandparents 4 years ago, i took two years to ponder and wait on the Lord to set sail.”

The journey to becoming a global livestock brand respected around the world from Africa is just sweet, from a goat kept in our hall, to the porch, to our kitchen which was started by my grandmother and later handed over to my grandfather is taking shape gradually.

I took over from my grandfather in 2014 as a backyard farm and set sail in 2016 registered it into a company with the mandate of adding value and feeding the nations of Africa.

What a glorious journey, i am actually enjoying the process, from many setbacks, disappointments, failures, discouragement from partners, workers and even family members is amazing.

The Spirit of God is up to something great that the eyes and ears of the world cannot fathom.

There is no kitchen in Africa our products will not be seen.

We carry the answers to the problems in the livestock Industry in Africa.

We have the mandate to stop livestock products importation in Ghana and Africa.

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Source: Made in Ghana Goods.

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